Young Adults Dinner

It is usually held on a Saturday evening, Corinda Church Hall, at 6:00 pm

(4 Clewley St, Corinda).  Everyone out of high school up to mid 20s is welcome.

Venue:            Corinda Church Hall, 4 Clewley St, Corinda.
Time:               At 6:00 pm
Date:              To be advised.

We share a meal together, have a bible study, and the certainty of forgiveness.  The rest of the time is there to hang out and chill.

Please bring $5 for dinner, and your bible, and feel free to bring board games or other activities.

Via facebook or email to

Also let us know if you have any exciting food allergies (or any boring

food allergies that are still relevant to catering purposes).

Come join us in worship...together in Christ, sharing, caring and growing...